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Why Therapeutic Billing

With over 10 years experience in the medical field and billing for medical practices, here at Therapeutic Billing we can assist you (the provider) with your billing needs.

If you are a provider in the Mental Health Field and you are looking for a Medical Biller, Therapeutic Billing has a team of specialist that will submit electronic claims daily, verify patients benefits, provide your clients with information regarding their insurance coverage, credentialing, and will even answer phone calls for your office.

If information is needed that was not provided by your practice, we will immediately reach out to you and obtain the required information. Our promise here at Therapeutic Billing is to get your insurance reimbursement from the insurance company expeditiously. With our experience, we are trained and knowledgeable in regards to what the insurance companies require from the providers office. The first step prior to submitting a claim is to run a clean claims check ensuring all information is accurate.

Therapeutic Billing provides your office with weekly EDI reports, giving the provider the comfort needed knowing the insurance company has accepted their claim into the adjudication system. Our team will receive notification from the insurance company within 12-24 hours showing if a claim has been accepted or rejected. Upon receiving this information, if a claim is rejected, our company will immediately correct the claim, electronically re-submit the information, and obtain the acceptance from the insurance company.

Therapeutic Billing assists practices in sending corrected claims, appeals, posting of electronic payments, and verify medical benefits the same day, requested by provider. At Therapeutic Billing we want providers to know any services we render is an all inclusive deal. We will not charge additional for any services that we have not discussed prior to working with the provider. We know it is difficult at times to keep your schedule filled and having a productive schedule. This is the reason we keep our fees at a reasonable rate. Unlike other companies where they will charge you for each service you will only see one bill, all the time, no surprises. So please, contact Therapeutic Billing where we will begin working for you the same day!

For more information regarding Therapeutic Billing please contact us by filling out the form below. You may also contact Marisa directly shown on the side of this page. Her email and phone number is available with any questions or concerns you may have.




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Easiest way to reach me is by my direct line listed below. Text messages and emails are fine with me

Email: marisa@therapeuticbillingco.com
Direct Line: (609) 338-2244

Therapeutic Billing Office Line (732) 281-8217

The time has come to announce that we now have a Licensed Professional Counselor on staff!! Major insurances accepted!

Areas of Practice for our L.P.C

  • Mental and Behavioral Health Counseling with a Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Lifestyle Goals from Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Our team specializes in the following:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Lifestyle Changes

  • Self Care

  • Emotional Care and Support

  • Physical Wellness

  • Occupational Wellness

  • Spiritual Wellness

  • Intellectual Wellness

  • Social Wellness and Skills

  • Environmental Sensitivity

  • Trauma

  • Family Counseling

  • Independent Counseling

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Grief

  • ADHD

  • OCD

We understand it may be difficult financially. Therapeutic Billing promises to work with your financial situation. Our Licensed Professional Counselor accepts most insurance plans. If you have a plan we are not in network with, we will work with you on financial responsibility.

Therapeutic Billing is hipaa Compliant

We Follow All HIPAA Regulation Requirements

All patient information will be confidential at all times with our Licensed Professional Counselors and our Medical Billing Specialist . We take HIPAA privacy very serious.

Any request of records from patients has to be approved by the provider prior, and will be sent directly to the requesting provider once Therapeutic Billing receives a Signed Medical Release Form from the patient.


“Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last.”
— Hamilton Holt

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Use the form below to contact us regarding medical billing questions you may have. Please be as detailed as possible. To help us best service your inquiry, we recommend you first describe the issue you are having before you tell us what your achievements are. Please give us 24- 48 hours to return your call.

You may also email or call us to make an appointment. For job opportunities , please email your resume to marisa@therapeuticbillingco.com. We are always looking for new and exceptional talent.

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